Sketch offers 120 m2 of retail space for a unique shopping experience. The interior design is unconventional and contemporary, inspired by the lines of a sketch. Ontwerpbureau Reiters was responsible for the interior of Sketch. The monumental building, with the high ceilings, the blue brand colour and big chandelier, has a global appearance. The same goes for the collection. We offer a mix of international designer labels for men and women. Our collection represents what we believe in, and is based on our sales experience in fashion. The result is a well-balanced range of brands, recognisable as the ‘Sketch style’: classic but contemporary, stylish but a bit edgy. Next to that we offer shoes, accessories, books and perfumes to enlarge the global shopping experience. But mostly we want customers to feel at home and to ensure they get honest advice. We can take care of your styling for every occasion: casual, business or party outfits. So, we friendly invite you to the Sketch shopping experience!